Strategy SSD | Information Report

This Strategy, used during the Beta phase, is maintained for demonstration purposes only and is no longer applied to user accounts.

Strategy Description

The strategy used in Dummy Trade was developed years ago for the Forex market. During this period this system has been verified, audited and used by institutional financial entities. It works with intraday movements, seeking a rentability in high volatility corrections.
It is a strategy based on a probabilistic model, in which the relationship between the winning percentage of the strategy and its profit ratio is constantly monitored.
The strategy operates 365 days a year, assuming a maximum risk of -1.80% per operation. The strategy consists of a system of 2 moving averages, model recognition and a personalized volume indicator.
The algorithm works with the following logical structure:
1. Identification of the trend
2. Confirmation of the trend
3. Opening of the operation through the customized volume indicator
For the cryptocurrency market, the algorithm has been adapted to the BTC/USD asset. In the chart, the results are modeled on historical data obtained through mathematically modeled simulations.
These are NET results, in which all transaction costs are already included.

Profit Chart

Profit details

Historical profit 57.33 %
Average annual profit 23.72 %
Average monthly profit 1.98 %

Profit Monthly Details

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec TOTAL
2018 7.59% 0.12% 11.43% -5.70% 5.37% 4.86% -5.10% 7.29% 0.54% -3.54% 10.83% 0.60% 34.29%
2019 -0.33% 2.34% 0.51% 1.56% 1.02% 1.89% 6.81% 2.28% 4.11% -1.26% 6.33% 0.12% 25.38%
2020 1.02% -0.09% 3.80% -5.87% -1.20%               -2.34%

Risk details

Monthly maximum loss -5.87 %
Maximum drawdown registered [04/2020] -16.00 %
Maximum risk permitted for the Strategy (Stop Out) -20.00 %


Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Cryptocurrencies are a high volatility asset considered high risk.